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Best Daily Journal Prompts in 2022

Daily Journal Prompts

49 Daily Journaling Prompts

What is one thing in day-to-day life that I have to do (but don't like to)? How can I make that experience better?
What is something nice I can do for someone I care about?
What is one of my favorite ways to spend the day?
What is one small (or big) thing I accomplished recently? How did that make me feel?
What is something I like about weekday mornings and why?
How do I usually start my day? Is there anything I want to change about it?
Was there anything in my day that made me happy?
What challenge did I face today as a parent? How did I deal with it?
What is something I can do for myself today?
What is one thing I'm grateful for today?
What is something that cheers me up on a rough day?
If I had one more day off every month, what would I do?
What is one way I can improve my physical health?
Who did I feel close to today, even for only a moment?
Do I play in my daily life? What says "playtime" to me?
What is something that I love doing? Do I do it enough?
What is the best thing that happened today?
What am I grateful for today?
What am I most grateful for?
What made today a good day?
What is something I enjoy doing in the neighborhood that I live in now?
What made me smile today?
What is one good thing that happened to me today?
What is one thing that my child did today that I want to remember?
What small (or big) win in my work can I celebrate today?
What is one thing that I accomplished today?
What advice would I give myself for tomorrow?
What is one bad thing that happened to me today?
What part of your morning routine are you most thankful for?
How was my morning today?
If I could change one thing about yesterday, what would it be?
What is my ideal way of spending a rainy afternoon?
What's the first thought that came into my mind this morning?
What could I have done to be more productive today?
How do I usually start my day? Do I want to change anything about it?
What thoughts did I have today that I wish I didn't have?
Did anyone compliment me on my work today? What did they say?
What do I like to have for breakfast?
Did I do anything above and beyond my job description today?
What is one recurring problem in my life I can eliminate today?
Did I learn something new today?
If I could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?
Was there anything in my day that made me angry?
What is one way I can go above and beyond tomorrow?
If you had to live in a different city (and could live anywhere), where would you choose? Why?
What was the most recent book I read? What did I think of it?
What is one physical activity that you enjoy doing? Why?
What are you looking forward to today?
What is one small lesson that I learned today?
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